Life Changing Remote Coaching - How will it change your life?

Remote Coaching is nothing new. There are literally 1000s of 'online coaches' and lots of good ones as well. If you find something that works for you long term then have at it, I genuinely wish you all the happiness and success that will come with it.

One of the main problems with the online coaching business is 'uniqueness and integrity' - making sure the program is tailored specifically for you, but most importantly WORKING for you.


This means constant tweaking by the coach in order to see the greatest progress and long term success. Setting you up in the right way is pivotal but then being able to assess and be reactive to your programming is just as important.

Here at Efficient Fitness and through the Efficiency Methods' 90 day program I can make sure that not only is the program unique to you, but also making sure we have all pillars in place so those old road blocks don't hit us again.

There is also a huge focus on our mindset and mental health. If our head isn't in the game, we often fail because we haven't prioritised or given it the full focus it deserves. Everybody has time in the day to do PLENTY, it's just about believing that in order to have the longevity of happiness and fulfilment we must first understand how to value and prioritise this.

So prepare to dig deep, talk about emotions and the driving force behind you wanting to change your life and you too can have a long and happy life, fulfilled and content!



Who am I!?!

My name is Stevie Pages and I am here to help you on your journey to happiness and fulfilment. I will do this with over ten years of health and fitness experience, life hacks and most importantly, a positive attitude and drive to succeed.

My qualifications:

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Exercise Rehab

Level 2 CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Scaling course

CrossFit Judges Course

CrossFit Programming Course

Level 2 Exercise to Music

Level 2 Kids Fitness

Diploma in Nutrition