The Info​

  • 30 minute functional movement assessment before you travel

  • 4 nights accommodation

  • Unlimited freshly prepared organic food cooked by your private chef 

  • Non-alcoholic drinks, including juices and smoothies

  • 7 workouts. Around 10 hours of training and coaching

  • Yoga TWICE a day! (Dynamic Yoga in the morning and Yin Yoga in the evening)

  • Private transfers

  • Travel Insurance

Stuff We All Get​​

  • Branded training gear including; 

  • T-shirt, shorts/leggings

  • Resistance band

  • Massage ball

  • And MUCH MORE!

What will my holiday look like?

The concept isn't anything new, but our style is certainly unique. From the minute you pay your deposit until long after the trip, you will be getting an experience that is unrivalled in the industry.

Your deposit locks in your space and within three days you'll have your booking confirmation and it's smooth sailing until your trip starts! You can pay as much or as little as you like, whenever you want. Just make sure the final payment is given to us 60 days before you travel and you're good to go. Once you make the final payment you'll get all your SWAG!

The whole group will meet at the airport, and from that minute you'll be on your way to becoming an Efficient Fitness expert (branded t-shirts included), understanding the why, what and how of Fitness

You'll then be taken to your villa in a private transfer, settle into your rooms, have dinner and a quick orientation. Spend time getting to know the other people on the retreat, talking to the coach and chef. We might throw in a cheeky workout if you're up for it!


Day 1:
Afternoon - Taken by private transfer to the Villa

Evening - Workout. Dinner, Orientation, Free Time

Day 2:
Morning - Workout, Breakfast, Free Time

Afternoon - Lunch, Free Time, Beach Workout

Evening - Dinner, Free Time, Yin Yoga

Day 3: 
Morning - Breakfast, Hike

Afternoon - Lunch, Free Time, Workout

Evening - Dinner, Free Time, Yin Yoga

Day 4:
Morning - Beach Workout, Breakfast, Free Time

Afternoon - Free Time, Workout

Evening - Dinner, Free Time, Yin Yoga

Day 5:
Morning - Workout, Breakfast, Pack

Afternoon - Travel Home

We can give you a ride into the local areas if you want to go and explore!

Don't get too obsessed with the schedule. These are only guidelines and we will always

tinker with the times to suit the needs of the group. You can also choose to opt out of

anything you don't want to do, but you'll be having such a blast you won't want to miss

out on anything!