Matt, Bournemouth

I have been working with Stevie for a few months now. Initially when we started I had reached a plateau, repeating the same 8-12 week programme, without the drive to keep my routine consistent and, although I was relatively happy I did not connect how important a healthy mind was to being physically fit. I took more time to be within my own mind, through meditation and daily affirmations. This immediately gave me a shift in my mindset! I now wake up and enjoy most days with a positive mindset and through a super fun fitness programme, unique to me.

Stevie has over ten years of health and fitness experience and it shows. He knows exactly what to do with my program, tweaks it constantly and is always on the end of the phone should I get stuck. I would highly recommend his program, and him!

Check out his results below!! This is after 8 weeks of training with a personalised program 


James, Flackwell Heath

After many years of struggling to maintain a healthy balance of exercise & diet, lockdown seem like the ideal opportunity to try something new. The Efficient Method appealed on many levels but it seemed entirely manageable on the basis that the workouts were fairly short and I could work them around my day. After starting the plan I began to feel the results quickly (less tired, more energised), shortly followed by the physical changes (weight loss, more toned). The meditation especially became something I particularly looked forward to.


I thoroughly enjoyed the process and it has completely changed my mindset in relation to diet and exercise. Stevie was always on hand to answer any questions and for moral support. The workouts within the app were always different which kept me engaged and motivated and 15/10/5 minute structure completely changed my outlook to exercise.


I (and my wife) are thrilled with the results and I couldn't recommend the program highly enough. Thanks Stevie!

Check out his results below! This is 6 weeks after using NOTHING BUT the app and eating healthily 

Hec Transformation 8 weeks.png

Forlan, London

I was recommended Stevie over the summer at a point I felt I was at a plateau in my fitness and didn’t know the right techniques to help me meet my goals. Stevie is very detail orientated and through his personalised plans I have learnt both how to do exercises properly, and why it’s important to follow correct techniques. This has helped me feel a lot more attuned to my body and what it can do. 


Stevie is also hugely supportive and knows when to push and when to offer more guidance. I have always been very comfortable with him from the start and this has helped my confidence when I’m working out on my own. 


Highly recommended.