What inclusions do I get?

Lots! There are so many inclusions you won't be able to keep up! Check out the what's included page. The ONLY thing you'll need money for is;

Any souvenirs you may want to take home for friends and family. Money when visiting townships for any food and drink you want when out of the villa


Do I have to share a room?


Yes you do! One of the main reasons for this trip is to meet people and socialise in a like minded, non-judgmental group environment. If you really need your own room for any reason please speak to us when you book the trip. Obviously we will not make males and females share, so odd numbers may mean you get your own room anyway. Room space are limited and on a first come first serve basis.


Is any of the itinerary optional?

Of course! We don't want you to feel like you have to participate in anything you don't want to, from workouts to activities. However you are expected too :)


What happens when I pay my  deposit?

We lock in your space and give you your confirmation! You're halfway there!


When will the final payment be due?


60 days before you are due to fly! 


What can I expect during the workouts and seminars?


The workouts will be very progressive, and be infinitely scaling for all fitness levels. The idea of the workouts is to educate you as well as train you, so your brain will do as much working out as your body! A typical session could look like this. 15 minutes Mobility, long warm up. 1 hour 30 mins talking about a functional movement, implementing it, breaking it down and understanding the what, the why and the how of how we move. The main workout and then around 15 mins more mobility/cool down. Depending on what retreat you chose will determine what a day might look like for you. But don't worry, our expert coaches will call you once you've made your deposit to chat with you and if you have any more questions between now and when you travel just ask!


Who are the ace of clubs?


They are a shelter in Clapham who work with the homeless and vulnerable providing warm food, care and lots more. Go check them out! 10% of profits go straight to them.