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What makes me qualified to help you?

That's a good question! I have over 12 years of Fitness experience and over 20,000+ hours of coaching experience (I didn't just pick that number randomly I did the maths) with plenty of certifications to back those hours up:

  • Advanced Personal Trainer Level 3 (Active IQ)

  • CrossFit Level 2 Coach

  • Exercise Referral and Rehabilitation Level 3 (Active IQ)

  • Exercise to Music Level 2 (Active IQ)

  • Kids Fitness Level 2 (Active IQ)

  • LesMills BodyCombat

  • LesMills BodyPump

  • Stages Indoor Cycling (as used by Team Sky)

  • Sports Diploma in Nutrition (The Training Room)

  • Meditation Diploma (Centre of Excellence)

  • Yoga Alliance Certified in 50HR YTT Yin Yoga

  • Agatsu Kettlebell Certified

  • Boxerblast certified (The Training Room)

  • CircusFit Certified including Aerial Fitness (CircusFit)

What makes my training programmes different is I work within a MIND & BODY realm. Firstly, we figure out what's been happening in the past, making sure we don't go through the same cycles in your new training methods.


We take our Mental Health extremely seriously here at Efficient Fitness. I believe that once we have a healthy mind the body will follow. It will ultimately help with achieving your goals but even more importantly help with the road blocks and problems that will arise from 'life getting in the way'

What I mean by that is I take the baby steps approach to training and goal setting. We can look at the big picture, but we need to set small, actionable goals every day in order to see real, long term success.

It's not easy, and there will be times when our motivation will go. But when we take action, bit by bit, the motivation will soon come back! So by building you a unique exercise program I can keep it fun and engaging so you won't get bored! No workout will ever be the same! Want to work on a skill? Get that first pull up? Learn how to properly run, row or bike? I've got you covered!

We will also look at your nutrition and design a plan that is just right for you. Again, there's no magic formula or quick fix. Everyone is unique. And through trial and error we will find a nutrition formula that's sustainable and works for you, long term!

Book a FREE CALL with me now! Let's see if I can help you on the next part of your journey

Efficiently, Stevie