Take your Physical and Mental Health back! 

with just

 30 Minutes of Mind and Body exercise a day

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What is the Efficiency Method?

The Efficiency Method is a concept I have developed which aims to hit all the main corners of Physical and Mental Health in a short, 30 minute session.

With a 5 minute warm up, a 10 minute High Intensity circuit, using just your bodyweight or a single Dumbbell or Kettlebell. Then we add on a 10 minute stretch with a 5 minute guided meditation, this short workout will give you everything you need to take back your Mental and Physical toughness!

After struggling with depression, stress and anxiety for over ten years due to a close family member passing away suddenly, my  'failed' marriage and my work, I decided it was time for a change. I found meditation and I suddenly realised this was the missing piece of the puzzle I had been looking for!


With over 11 years in fitness and over 20 fitness qualifications, working from receptionist, to general manager, from gym instructor to personal training management, I realised that there was something missing from the industry. And while HIIT, Stretching and Meditation is NOT new, the idea of putting them all together in a bite size workout was.

Cue the building of the app. After testing the product with hundreds of people I can now categorically tell you THIS REALLY WORKS! The results are REAL!

HIIT has become so misconstrued over the last few years with the emergence of CrossFit and F45 (both great brands by the way!) that I wanted to show the world that it's not about how long you train for, it's about what you do in the time given to you.

This easy to use APP has all the tools you need to succeed in improving your Mental and Physical Health. There are added bonuses of stand along meditations, mobility sessions and Yoga classes should you wish to progress your training, or not, the decision is yours and only yours.

What are you waiting for? It's time to take your Physical and Mental toughness back by trying out the APP for FREE for 7 days!

Let's Get Efficient together!

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