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What we offer


Run Club (Max: 24 People)


A 60 minute Run Club designed for absolute beginners to advanced runners. We will rarely do ‘long runs’ (once every 8-12 weeks) instead focus on running technique, intervals, hills and sprints, agility work including ladder and plyometric movements. 5km, 10km and Half Marathon competition runs can be entered into (Every 3 months).


Boot Camp (Max: 24 People)


Old school training in the park or studio space using only bodyweight, including agility ladder and cone work (athletic movement). These sessions can be tailored for any type of fitness (Boot Camp, Functional Movement based, Stretching, Mobility for work, Tough Mudder or Spartan Race training).


Movement, Mobility and Nutrition workshops (up to 2 hours, max 5-20 People)


Educational workshops including:

  • Desk setup; making sure your employees have correct setup of their work spaces, seat height and surrounding desk area (5 People)

  • Nutritional seminars; what and when to eat at work to keep productivity and energy levels high (No, not two crates of red bull!) (20 people)

  • Three minute ‘Take a mobility break’ workouts; one 3 minute office workout a day to help with mobility, flexibility and energy of your employees (1 different workout per week for 8 weeks). These are to be shown in initial 2 hour workshops in groups, then one to two employees are shown how to lead the stretches every day. Includes site visit to all departments (5 People)


Fitness Scavenger Hunts (up to 4 hours, max 32 people)


Find clues to go between the famous attractions London has to offer, will the clues all intertwine to form one big treasure, or will you be simply lunging your way to sore legs? All the while undergoing fitness tasks set at each destination.




Team building UK based retreats (2 nights/3 days - minimum 10 people) - includes accommodation, food and transfers. 3 workouts, branded t-shirt. Contact for more info!

We also offer a whole bunch of other services so please feel free to contact us for pricing and if you think we can help!